Thursday, September 12, 2013


In 1944, Ludwig von Mises wrote Bureaucracy arguing for a perspective to see the conflict between capitalism and socialism. He claimed that analyzing bureaucratism would provide the needed insight to indepthly study about this tension. To him, this was so important during his time. Amazingly, his message remains relevant especially in our days when we are now witnessing the realization of his foresight almost seven decades ago.

In the Preface of his book, he identified that that the major issue in today's social and political tensions is between freedom and statism (socialism) he saw that the role of the US is critical to determine the future of the world: "Our age has witnessed a triumphal advance of the socialist cause. . . America alone is still free to choose. And the decision of the American people will determine the outcome for the whole of mankind" (iii).

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