Saturday, February 19, 2022

Blockchain for Web 3.0

Since June 2020, realizing that the pandemic is highly politicized, I stopped following it. I consider it a waste of time to argue with those who are gullible to mainstream narrative. I thought the insanity will just stay for a year or two. I never expected that it will last more than two years, and still there is no indication that it will stop soon. This to me is unacceptable. I could not believe that almost every body I know would give up their sovereignty over their own body and hand the decision to the State.

Fast forward, after a year of pushing people into financial cliff, a new global trend emerged. In search for livelihood, many people around the world particularly in the Philippines have found play to earn as a viable alternative. A typical example of this is what happened in Cabanatuan City as shared by this documentary video. Of course, the hype lasted only for few months, and now that the price of the tokens involved are falling, not a few started to lose interest to this new trend.

July last year, two things happened that changed my financial direction. One is the advent of the COVID variant that caused me to stop trading the Philippine Stock market. The other one is related to Axie Infinity. My eldest son asked me a capital for his share in creating a gaming account. To make it short, these events motivated me to study blockchain and cryptocurrency. After six months of studying this new field, I stumble with two projects. One is now in an enclosed mainnet and just recently released that it will be opened either by 14 March or 28 June this year. The other one is also a young project, but already has 100 plus apps built on it.

At this point, I will just focus on the second blockchain - Hive! To give you an overview what Hive is, read this review from Finbold.

To sign in, just go to and click that red join tab on the upper right of the page. You will then be directed to a "Signup for Hive" page. Among five registration providers, choose ecency. Once you are already on the ecency page, create your own user name and sign in your email. The referred user is optional. But if you want to fill it up, you can use my user name: rzc24-nftbbg. By doing this, I will not receive any referral fee.

I hope you enjoy learning Hive. I wander on this blockchain for 6 months before a part of it starts to make sense to me. Now, I am still exploring this first blockchain for Web 3.0

Grace and peace!