Friday, September 13, 2013

A Prayer for a Filipino Statesman based on Daniel 6: 1-10

Creator of heaven and earth! Almighty God! Give us Christian statesmen who have exceptional qualities whom no one can find corruption. Give us statesmen who are loyal to your law. Protect them from the subtlety and deceit of politics, hiding socially destructive forces behind pious and noble words. Let them not be the "champions" and "saviors" of the poor, but instead, grant them strength to stand on the basis of principles. Refrain them from making unjust laws, but instead, grant them wisdom to create laws that serve life, freedom and private property. Help them fulfill their task in pursuit of justice, peace and prosperity. Always remind them that it is you whom they serve, the One who entrusted them with such authority in whom one day they will give an account. 

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