Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Libertarian Solution to Bored, Unhappy and Rebellious Students

Existing education is a subtle way to keep children behind “prison bars” and we wonder why they find violence and drugs attractive to them. Students are unhappy and bored in “studying” disconnected and irrelevant “facts”. Rebellion is the inescapable outcome of such misrule. These are harsh realities that unless adults really see the situation of their children and do something about it, social deterioration is an inevitable consequence. This is the main thesis of Paul Graham in his 2003 article, “Why Nerds are Unpopular“.
Ron Paul, Thomas Woods, Gary North and other libertarians have realized long time ago such pointless pursuit of conventional education. In response to this situation, April 6, 2013 is a milestone not only in the history of libertarian movement, but in changing the direction of global economics and politics. Study what the Bible says about self-government and personal responsibility, which serve as the foundation of free enterprise. Add to it also the history of libertarian political economy and the Austrian school of economics. Moreover, approach these important subjects not by way of common schools’ textbooks, but by rigorous studies of primary sources. This is the kind of education Ron Paul Curriculum is offering the world.
Note: First posted in Studies in Economics and mirrored in Acts of the New Commonwealth last April 8, 2013.