Thursday, December 11, 2014

Remedy to Social Cancer

What is your idea to cure our society's social cancer?

We first heard this concept of "social cancer" from our national hero. After more than a century, the cancer remains and it's getting worse.

Misdiagnosis is the biggest obstacle among numerous proposals to cure our society's problem. The popular understanding about this idea of social cancer is its association with corrupt politicians. We think that by removing them from office and replacing them with "good" politicians will cure our land; only to be surprised after the honeymoon period that those who would-be reformers will find themselves trapped, and we're back again to the same old situation.

Though I have no in-depth information about the fight against political dynasty and freedom of information bill, at face value, I see them as good, if ever they will pass as laws. In the case of the removal of the pork barrel, I share the anxiety of many that it might re-appear under a different name and in a more subtle form. Do you think that all of these "reforms" will cure our society's problem?

There is no easy fix to Philippine problem. To believe that electing the "right" leader among existing conventional politicians will solve our problem is to believe in false hope. The key is to focus on liberty, and there you will find that you are closer to the truth. This cancer has been with us even earlier than Rizal's time. It would take a long period of unlearning the State's propaganda and learning liberty before we will be able to at least minimize the country's problem. A political utopia based on human effort does not exist. And so it is unrealistic to expect that we can completely uproot the society's cancer.

The medium for change is education, real education, an education that will free your mind from the matrix of political slavery. And then after gaining a basic understanding of liberty, look again into the political process, bureaucratic management, taxation, and existing laws, and see if your outlook has already changed. Without changing the mind of the people, there will be no social change. We are simply expecting too much from our social reformers. This cannot be done. 

After the mind of the public captured the case for liberty, I think that is the proper time to look into our monetary policy. That will take several years, decades perhaps, depending on our degree of enlightenment as a people. Or perhaps, it will take a grand scale economic crisis that will lead us to ask tough questions that will force us in return to look for answers. This is so important for in monetary policy, you will find the source of all our economic ills, not only here in the Philippines, but in global financial system as well. You can begin educating yourself what is this "End the Fed" movement all about that is now happening in the US. 

This article is induced by an article, "The few who control our country." The writer identifies the concept of social cancer with corrupt politicians. I worry that by solving it either through government action or violent revolution will make that cancer even more dangerous and deadly. As already mentioned, better to see this cancer from the vantage point of liberty. There you will see that the expanding size of the government as the cancer itself through its wealth-destroying political process and increasing number of bureaucrats who suck the public fund. The immediate remedy therefore is to minimize the size of the government by cutting down its expenses through tax reduction. By doing this, we are cutting the source that feeds those cancer cells. 

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