Saturday, November 29, 2014

Excerpt from The Death of Secular Humanism

The competition that poses a threat to the West today is not economic competition. Economic competition is peaceful. The expansion of the division of labor increases everyone’s wealth. What poses the main threat is demo­graphic competition between Islamic immigrants and Europe’s secularism. This creates competition for control over the legal order, which inevitably has to do with legalized coercion: civil sanctions.

Unless Europe experiences a Chris­tian revival, its culture will not exist in 2100. Islam will have achieved in the bedroom what the Ottomans did not achieve on horseback, 1500–1700:victory.

It is time to stop worrying about secular humanism, which is losing its cultural grip as the various media decentralize. Its institutional monopoly is breaking apart. It is time to start wor­rying about Islam and the civilization it brings.

Another war is in progress.

This war will be even more serious because the stakes are visibly higher. This was true in 650. It will be true in 2050.

Source: The Death of Secular Humanism written by Gary North and published in Faith for All of Life, March/April 2006