Saturday, November 8, 2014

Dr. Benjamin Carson's Perceptive Speech

Much of the speech's content sounds familiar to me. I have been hearing and reading it for some time from many different sources. It's good to know that messages like this is now gaining public attention. How I wish that it will not just end as a talk but will lead to concrete libertarian steps in the coming months and years. 

It's a very perceptive speech. The first side comment and joke that caught my attention is about the 4th branch of the US government, special interest groups. And then he cracked another joke about lawyers. President Obama got it. And then he spoke about moral decay and fiscal irresponsibility, two main causes for the collapse of Roman empire, and also very visible in the US right now. He also mentioned deficit as the biggest problem of the US, complex taxation, and some qualifications about health care. The lighthouse and eagle parables are humorous, but present precise pictures of the state of US economy and politics. As the most powerful warship cannot sail against the lighthouse, there is no way the white house can win over economic law. And then he mentioned about the reason why like the eagle the US can fly, it has both "left wing" and "right wing." What I like most is his courageous declaration that the US has to remain as "one nation under God." This to me should remind humanist, atheist, and statist that removing God from the life of US as a nation, from public arena is a goal that will certainly fail. 

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