Monday, July 28, 2014

A Pro-Israeli and Pro-Palestinian Stance

There are people who want to make the Israeli occupation of Gaza as a religious war between Islam and Christianity. Christians' support for Israel is counted as hostility against Islam. And Christians who support the Palestinians are considered anti-Jew. So Christians must therefore choose which group to support, Israel or Hamas, Judaism or Islam, the Jews or the Arabs? 

I think the issue here is not whether Christians should support Israel or Islam, but between the use of violence and peaceful means; between destructive and productive actions; between military and economic activities; between the political class and the civilian both Jews and Palestinians; and between lies and deception, and truth.

Just want to give an overview of the information that I think most of those who update themselves about this tragic incident are familiar so far. For the members of Hamas, freedom for the Palestinians is their cause. The Jewish government denies it and claims that the real goal of Hamas is the annihilation of the Jews. Others would even say that the annihilation of the Jews is not Hamas' ultimate end; the real goal is the Islamization of the world (Christianity does the same in the name of world mission). On the other hand, according to Israeli government, security is the main reason for the occupation of Gaza. They only protect their civilians, which is a legitimate function of the government. The reason why many Palestinian civilians die in Israel's military action is due to the fact that Hamas uses them as human shields and even if they decide to leave, Hamas will use force against them to prevent such transfer of location. Moreover, in order to protect its people, Israel military is simply rooting out Hamas and wants to arrest its members. Others would say, "No, that's not the real goal. Instead, the prevention of the unification of Hamas and Fatah is the real goal, which is strictly opposed by Israel". 

Which version is really true? Are not both sides simply exaggerating their view to gain international support? Perhaps, there is truth in the saying that "truth is always the first casualty in war," and this does not exclude the war launched by Israel against Gaza. This recent event started with the kidnapping of 3 Jewish teenagers. One writer considers it a false story and describes it as "dubious pretext" compared to WMD during the Iraq war. For him, the story is being used to justify violence in the name of national security.