Saturday, May 31, 2014

Reading is Easy, but Writing is Not

Reading and writing are like eating food. If you read the same kind of food for a long period of time, you get sick of it. You are looking for a different taste. Likewise, if you read the same genre, your mind also get tired of it.

This month of May, after I stopped writing about Ludwig von Mises' Bureaucracy, I lost the appetite to write; I actually do not know what to write, but I like to continually read. But the problem with reading lots of materials without writing about it is similar to eating lots of food without work and exercise. It's all input without output. That's dangerous to your health. I experienced that during my undergraduate when I devoured the complete works of Francis Schaeffer for less than five days. I did not sleep that time beginning from eight o'clock in the evening until ten o'clock in the morning. It's good that it did not happen again, for if it did, I think I would not reach my age.

Now I am slower. In fact, too slow. I am satisfied reading even at least 200 pages in a month, provided that I will be able to write about what I am reading. The second goal is difficult to maintain. 

I must change if I want to accomplish something. Self is the most difficult to discipline. Regardless of the difficulty, I will embark in this self-challenge. 

While praying, these thoughts are running in my mind. I must read and write variety of subjects, and these are the ones I selected:

  • First, I must continue reading and writing about Austrian and libertarian books with priority emphasis on the works of Ludwig von Mises.
  • Second, I must restart reading and writing about authors whose books are related to the sovereignty of the Triune God both in creation and providence, covenant theology, the three uses of the law, eschatology of victory, and Cornelius Van Til's presuppositional apologetics. Gary North first comes to my mind.
  • Third, I must read and write about materials from Third Millennium Ministries beginning with Dr. Richard Pratt's The Primeval History as part of my preparation for family and church ministry.
  • Fourth, I also must read and write about Philippine economy and related subjects. The blogs of my libertarian friends are a good resource to provide me basic information about the country. The subjects that caught my attention include Freedom of Information Bill, Anti-Political Dynasty Bill, and Greco Belgica. 
  • And finally, I should start now with my book project, Money and Liberty. I aim to finish this in three years, on or before my fiftieth birthday.

So far this is my schedule. For now, I have to return to Bureaucracy.

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