Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Simply Relax

Though speaking about atomically precise manufacturing (APM) and nanotechonology, I find the wise words of K. Eric Drexler applicable beyond conversation about future trends in technology:
"There’s something that I feel I must say to some of my readers, and I hope that they will understand a somewhat counter-intuitive message and take it to heart. If you find these ideas about prospective technologies compelling, convincing, and exciting— if you imagine vistas far beyond any I’ve outlined, or see solutions to urgent global problems and feel the urge to share the full measure of your excitement— then please lie down until the urge passes. In the world as it is, this kind of excitement triggers a negative response, and for reasons that usually make sense; almost all grand ideas proclaimed by excited proponents turn out to be wrong and are generally discounted without consideration. If you want to make a positive difference, please help to keep fundamentals first, help to correct mistaken ideas, and join the conversation without shouting." - K. Eric Drexler, Author of Engines of Creation (1986).
Source: The Freeman January/February 2014

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