Sunday, October 6, 2013

US "Shutdown"

I am not sure about my feeling concerning what's happening right now in the US related to government "shutdown". Others said, "Why care? It's none of your business. It has nothing to do with PH affair. We have our own issues to pay attention to". That's how many people think. 

Let us not forget that the USD is still the world reserve currency and remains the biggest in world economy. I guess that if this existing tension in the white house get worse, other countries cannot avoid its ripple effect.

As expected, both political parties have their own explanation about the current issue. The dominant camp said that it was the Tea Party dominated Republicans that caused this crisis. The other party responded that actually it was not a shutdown, but a temporary suspension of selected government services such as museums and parks. Then why exaggerate? What is the intention in painting such a dark description? Is it not to frighten the public and place the blame on the Republicans?

Just today, two additional accusations are thrown to the Republicans - bully and tantrum . Robert Reich wrote that the Republicans have been bullying the US president since 2011. I thought those who are capable to bully others are "bigger" and "stronger". Is it really convincing that a weaker party could bully a dominant party? 

Regarding the second accusation, Robert Parry  claimed that the current crisis was the result of the tantrum of white and Tea Party dominated Republicans. And he added a racist color to the debate. The other camp retorted, "No! It was Obama's tantrum!"

As far as my personal opinion is concerned, the outcome of this current debate aiming to shape public opinion will have a great political and economic repercussion not only in the U.S. but in many countries including the PH in the coming days. I wish, I'm wrong.

The Intellectuals Are Divided: 

Peter G. Klein

Daisy Luther

Michael Snyder

Mark Thornton

Peter G. Klein again

Jim Wallis

Gary North

John Boehner

Bill O'Reilly

Bill Moyers

Paul Krugman

Noam Chomsky

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