Monday, August 19, 2013

Angry at what?


Robert Reich claims that the Americans are so angry right now and "more contemptuous of almost every major institution - government, business, the media." He identifies several factors that contribute to the spread of this negative emotion. He mentioned first the impact of irresponsible online remarks using social media. Net surfers too enjoy watching gladiatorial fights. And add to it the absence of public figures to convincingly explain what's going on. And then he finally specified that the source of anger is economic in nature. Reich described this economic cause:

"Meanwhile, income, wealth and power have become more concentrated at the top than they’ve been in 90 years ... As a result, many have come to believe that the deck is stacked against them. Importantly, both the Tea Party and the Occupier movements began with the bailouts of Wall Street ― when both groups concluded that big government and big finance had plotted against the rest of us. The former blamed government; the latter blamed Wall Street."

Reich saw that such economic inequality described above is very dangerous. However, Americans due to emotional response failed to identify the real cause for their misery. In a way, Reich implies that politicians have been successful so far in using anger to divert the mind of the people from real issues. 

Personal Response:

Robert Reich failed to mention precisely the object of Americans' anger. I suspect that though he did not mention, by implication, the capitalists are to blame. He simply emphasized the evil and danger of economic inequality, but failed to point out the real source of such inequality. And also I can't understand why he is lamenting the absence of "trusted arbiters of truth" to convince the American people. He is either not listening to Ron Paul's analysis or finds the message of the retired libertarian Congressman not really convincing. Maybe, he is looking for a "trusted" voice coming from the establishment. 

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